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our story

Inspired by my Italian heritage and two decades of adventures in Capri and the bay where it rests, my journey has brought me here…producing a classic, yet modern sandal, handcrafted in Italy.

behind the name

I live in Southern California near the coastline that reminds me so much of the southern coast of Italy.  This is why Bay Of Angels has a connection for me not only to beautiful Italy and the Bay Of Naples, but also to the City Of Angels where I grew up.  Whenever I return home from Capri,  I always think of the sea, the smell of the lemons, the sound of my sandals on the cobblestone streets and the memories of family and friends.  These memories inspired me to create a uniquely italian sandal.  The Bay Of Angels collection combines the artistry of the old-world craftsmanship Italy is known for, together with a timeless, Capri style.  I hope you will enjoy these sandals and that every step you take in them sends you on your own amazing adventure.

Water Foam

my story

My father’s final wish for me was to visit the island of Capri.  I first made the trip there to honor his memory and I fell in love with the magical island.  It was his biggest gift to me as that initial trip inspired annual returns to the island and has given me some of my greatest memories.  Two decades after that first journey, I am still drawn to Capri's beauty; from the stunning escarpments and its crystalline waters, to the people who live and work there.  The lifelong friendships I’ve made with people I now consider family - this is my inspiration. 

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